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Daisy Design Large Islamic Wall Frame 99 Names of Allah


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Daisy Design Large Islamic Wall Frame 99 Names of AllahMake a stunning statement in your home with this beautiful wall art! Elegantly displays the 99 Names of Allah in a daisy...

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Daisy Design Large Islamic Wall Frame 99 Names of Allah

Make a stunning statement in your home with this beautiful wall art! Elegantly displays the 99 Names of Allah in a daisy pattern, accented with rhinestones.

Perfect home decor item for Muslim families, as well as gift for Eid, Shahadah, wedding, or other special occasion.

Material: Molded resin (dense plastic), glass, and rhinestones

Size: 55 x 55cm (21.6 x 21.6in)

Allah The Greatest Name

Ar-Rahman 1 The All-Merciful

Ar-Rahim 2 The All-Beneficient

Al-Malik 3 The Absolute Ruler

Al-Quddus 4 The Pure One

As-Salam 5 The Source of Peace

Al-Mu’min 6 The Inspirer of Faith

Al-Muhaymin 7 The Guardian

Al-‘Aziz 8 The Victorious

Al-Jabbar 9 The Compeller

Al-Mutakabbir 10 The Greatest

Al-Khaliq 11 The Creator

Al-Bari’ 12 The Maker of Order

Al-Musawwir 13 The Shaper of Beauty

Al-Ghaffar 14 The Forgiving

Al-Qahhar 15 The Subduer

Al-Wahhab 16 The Giver of All

Ar-Razzaq 17 The Sustainer

Al-Fattah 18 The Opener

Al-‘Alim 19 The Knower of All

Al-Qabid 20 The Constrictor

Al-Basit 21 The Reliever

Al-Khafid 22 The Abaser

Ar-Rafi’ 23 The Exalter

Al-Mu’izz 24 The Bestower of Honors

Al-Mudhill 25 The Humiliator

As-Sami 26 The Hearer of All

Al-Basir 27 The Seer of All

Al-Hakam 28 The Judge

Al-‘Adl 29 The Just

Al-Latif 30 The Subtle One

Al-Khabir 31 The All-Aware

Al-Halim 32 The Forebearing

Al-‘Azim 33 The Magnificent

Al-Ghafur 34 The Forgiver and Hider of Faults

Ash-Shakur 35 The Rewarder of Thankfulness

Al-‘Ali 36 The Highest

Al-Kabir 37 The Greatest

Al-Hafiz 38 The Preserver

Al-Muqit 39 The Nourisher

Al-Hasib 40 The Accounter

Al-Jalil 41 The Mighty

Al-Karim 42 The Generous

Ar-Raqib 43 The Watchful One

Al-Mujib 44 The Responder to Prayer

Al-Wasi’ 45 The All-Comprehending

Al-Hakim 46 The Perfectly Wise

Al-Wadud 47 The Loving One

Al-Majíd 48 The Majestic One

Al-Ba’ith 49 The Resurrector

Ash-Shahid 50 The Witness

Al-Haqq 51 The Truth

Al-Wakil 52 The Trustee

Al-Qawi 53 The Possessor of All Strength

Al-Matin 54 The Forceful One

Al-Wáli 55 The Governor

Al-Hamid 56 The Praised One

Al-Muhsi 57 The Appraiser

Al-Mubdi 58 The Originator

Al-Mu’id 59 The Restorer

Al-Muhyi 60 The Giver of Life

Al-Mumit 61 The Taker of Life

Al-Hayy 62 The Ever Living One

Al-Qayyum 63 The Self-Existing One

Al-Wajid 64 The Finder

Al-Májid 65 The Glorious

Al-Wahid 66 The Only One

Al-Ahad 67 The One

As-Samad 68 The Satisfier of All Needs

Al-Qadir 69 The All Powerful

Al-Muqtadir 70 The Creator of All Power

Al-Muqaddim 71 The Expediter

Al-Mu’akhkhir 72 The Delayer

Al-Awwal 73 The First

Al-Akhir 74 The Last

Az-Zahir 75 The Manifest One

Al-Batin 76 The Hidden One

Al-Walí 77 The Protecting Friend

Al-Muta’ali 78 The Supreme One

Al-Barr 79 The Doer of Good

At-Tawwab 80 The Guide to Repentance

Al-Muntaqim 81 The Avenger

Al-Afu 82 The Forgiver

Ar-Ra’uf 83 The Clement

Malik al-Mulk 84 The Owner of All


Wal-Ikram 85 The Lord of Majesty and Bounty

Al-Muqsit 86 The Equitable One

Al-Jami 87 The Gatherer

Al-Ghani 88 The Rich One

Al-Mughni 89 The Enricher

Al-Mani’ 90 The Preventer of Harm

Ad-Darr 91 The Creator of The Harmful

An-Nafi 92 The Creator of Good

An-Nur 93 The Light

Al-Hadi 94 The Guide

Al-Badi 95 The Originator

Al-Baqi 96 The Everlasting One

Al-Warith 97 The Inheritor of All

Ar-Rashid 98 The Righteous Teacher

As-Sabur 99 The Patient One



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