Muslim Prayer Hats Plays an imperative Role in The Islamic Religion

Prayer hats or headwear are not new-fangled things in the world of fashion, people used to wear them from ancient times for various reasons. Even caps are popular these days because people consider them one of the trendy and classy items. Many people wear caps as they think it can protect them from the sweltering heat of the sun or from the rain. But Muslim caps are different from the fashion caps. Muslim people wear these Muslim caps as a practice of Islamic religion.

Islamic caps (Muslim caps) is often known as prayer caps and they are usually worn for religious purposes. These Islamic caps are basically short and rounded skullcap and they play an imperative role in Men’s Islamic clothing. Nowadays, the markets are thronged with various types of Islamic caps or prayer caps. Some popular types are keffiyeh, topi and taqiyah. Taqiyah can be any colour and you can wear it by itself. But when it is worn under the keffiyeh headscarf, they are kept in a traditional white. Many Muslims often wrap a turban around the cap which is called Amamah.

Muslim Caps for the Prayers

Usually, Muslim caps are worn in Jumuah or Friday prayers that used to take place in a mosque. Apart from it, these caps can be worn during salat prayers that are conducted at home. Muslim people believe that in order to seek the love of God, they need to cover up the head during the prayer. Though these caps are not mandatory to enter a mosque, still people used to wear them as a sign of respect for Islamic religious and traditions. It is also true that a Muslim cap has several meanings which are not related to prayer.